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If you use xDrip with a Dexcom G5, G6, G7 or Dexcom ONE transmitter, this page contains information that may help you.
xDrip is not supported by Dexcom. It is supported by volunteers who need it for their own use.
You are welcome to use it. But, please consult with a medical professional (Endocrinologist) for any decisions for controlling your diabetes.


Dexcom basics

Can xDrip coexist with t:slim or receiver?


Both xDrip and Dexcom app

What is …?

G5/G6/G7 Status

Session in progress

Proper Connectivity

Native algorithm - mode

G7 rapid reconnect

Preemptive Restart

Transmitter Queue

The differences between G6 and Dexcom One

The differences between G7 and One+

G5/G6 Transmitter Lifetime

How to

Start G7 or One+

Use G7, or One+, grace period

Start a subsequent G7 or One+

Stop a G7 or One+

Start G6 (or Dex1) transmitter

Stop and start a G6 or Dex1 sensor

Use Dexcom One

Calibrate G6, or Dex1

Please report unknown firmware!

Restart G6, or Dex1

Remove a G6, or Dex1, transmitter from sensor

Calibrate G6, or Dex1, after a restart

Restart G5

Change G6, or Dex1, Slot Number (advanced)

Hard reset

What not to do!


Connectivity Troubleshooting

G7 applicator failures

New G6 or Dexcom One transmitter does not connect

Intermittent Connectivity

Sensor failed start

Clear the queue

How to trigger a pair request

G6 Transmitter Warranty

How strong is the transmitter signal?

How good is the battery?

How good is the battery according to the logs?

Why are some G7 readings off grid?

OB1 Debugging logs

Petroleum jelly on the transmitter contacts