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Request for Help

If you need help using xDrip, please post in discussions.
include the following in the first post.

Include a short description of what is wrong. For example “No readings”, or “Sensor Stopped”.
Also, state if there is something that has changed. For example, is this a new phone, did you recently receive an Android patch, if the problem only occurs with a particular release of xDrip, or if a new sensor started the issue.

Please don’t open an issue.
Please allow us to manage the issues. There used to be too many issues opened up by users. Many could just be addressed by using xDrip differently. In the meantime, there were always too many open issues and there was no way for the developers to know which ones were real.
Please help us manage the issues more efficiently by opening a discussion instead of an issue. If it turns out to be an issue, we will convert the discussion into an issue.

What you shouldn’t include

Items like user IDs, passwords, full name, address, phone number etc. can identify you or something that belongs to you. We don’t need any of those in order to help you. Some of those information may be included in xDrip logs or shown on status pages. You can blackout such information before posting.
On the other hand, the xDrip version you are using or the firmware version of the transmitter you are using are very important and can be relevant and will not compromise your privacy. So, please don’t leave those out of your screenshots.


To reach out to developers, post in discussions.
xDrip is constantly being improved and your suggestions are welcome. But, please note that there is a price to pay for every new feature. xDrip needs to be maintained and documented. That means xDrip bugs need to be fixed. The more features there are, the more complicated the bugs will become.
Please post your suggestions. But, please be patient.


If you find an item in the documentation that is not explained clearly, or if you like a subject to be added, or if you have found errors, please post in discussions. Please include in your post a link to the document to clarify which page you are referring to.