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Release Notes
2024.07.17 G6 new transmitter start cleanup - G6/G7 backfill overlap fix
2024.06.28 WearOS complication null null G7
2024.06.25 Dex cleanup - LinX companion - Compiler cleanup - Dex share follow server - G7 stop gone 4 good
2024.06.11 Libre new serial # - G7 expiry notification
2024.06.01 Snooze menu fix - Dex menu cleanup
2024.05.29 Android 6 is retired
2024.05.28 G7 firmware - G7 auto start - G7 Bluetooth scan fix
2024.05.22 Forecast x axis fix - future treatment 3-min threshold - Huawei wake - G7 timestamp fix     ❌
2024.05.15 Ascend to Medium option for ascending volume profile
2024.05.12 Android 14 vehicle mode fix - correct G6 start time broadcast - delete alert confirmation - G6/G7 log cleanup - graph smoothing settings cleanup
2024.04.19 Stable
Correct G7 start time broadcast
2024.04.09 One+ companion app
2024.04.07 Smart snooze and smart alert thresholds reduced for high alerts
2024.03.27 No forget device for G7
2024.03.10 Backfill fix - No G7 battery level edit
2024.03.06 Simplera comapnion app - Nightscout treatment download fix
2024.03.05 G7 reported warmup time correction - Crash reporter cleanup
2024.02.24 G7 cleanup - Nightscout master/follower treatment sync
2024.02.20 Norwegian change - Dex native mode logs
2024.02.17 No stop option for G7
2024.02.15 Security exception, Android 14
2024.02.14 One+
2024.02.07 Always on display widget location option
2024.01.16 Dex stop warnings update - Companion app update - Broadcast update
2024.01.13 Eversense companion - G7 collector broadcast - plugin intercept fix
2024.01.10 G7 voltage warning adjustment
2024.01.05 Enable Bluetooth even in airplane mode - G7 in data table, status page and broadcast
2024.01.02 IPv6 link local - No reset cal for Firefly or G7
2023.12.16 CareSens
2023.12.15 Sensor expiry alert at 12 hours to - Insulin list fix
2023.12.11 Retired “Authenticate before each read”
2023.12.07 AndroidX
2023.12.05 Carelink improvements - Sensor start time in local boroadcast - Notification channels fix
2023.11.29 24-hour G7 backfill - G7 warmup time update - History cap increased
2023.11.28 CareLink update - No G7 initial cal
2023.11.21 Nightscout follower wake delay
2023.11.14 Previous Stable release
Health Connect Android 14
2023.11.07 New G7 firmware
2023.11.04 NSEmulator - Afrezza, Apidra, Levemir, Basaglar & Tresiba
2023.10.24 Google Drive daily backup WiFi option - Companion app improvements
2023.10.17 Oppo wake workaround - G6 reset start lock resolved
2023.10.08 CareLink update
2023.10.06 Hard reset offer in case of timing issues - Prefview default true support
2023.09.24 Retired “Unbond G5 before each read” - “No update” toast
2023.09.23 UI flag for update added - Tidepool new auth setting - v2 databinding
2023.09.08 Aidex + Watchdrip - Fallback to xDrip is removed
2023.08.27 Companion app mode filter improvement
2023.08.26 Companion app non changing value handling improvement
2023.08.23 Companion app mode improvements
2023.08.19 CareLink fix
2023.08.18 Companion app mode improvements
2023.08.10 Option to send emergency message only for the lowest alert
2023.07.16 Previous Stable release
Dex OB1 is permanently enabled, and setting is retired
2023.07.13 CareLink more countries - IoB from Omnipod
2023.07.08 Fake data source pre cal - Web service fix
2023.07.06 G6/Dex1/G7 cleanup
2023.07.02 Samsung G6 or Dex1 connectivity
2023.07.01 IoB Pebble - TX ID space detection - TX remaining days highlight
2023.06.29 CareLink US fix
2023.06.28 CareLink fix
2023.06.24 Delayed inactive G6 transmitter start dialog
2023.06.17 Less intrusive Nightscout fail notifications - AAPS status
2023.06.15 Android 5 is retired.
2023.06.09 Libre 2 smoothing options - new G7 firmware
2023.06.08 Uploaders status page cleanup
2023.05.26 CareLink fix
2023.05.25 No G6 cal code on G7 page - More Libre 2 sensor codes
2023.05.23 Clarified Eng mode note - Ascending volume alerts can be tested
2023.05.14 Reading marked as bad (excluded from statistics) will not expand the vertical (y) axis range
2023.05.03 Previous Stable release
2023.05.02 Falling and rising fast alert names and units updated to represent rates
2023.04.24 No more Dex G4 - Scan for glucose meter fix
2023.04.13 Keks update - QR code export - 4-digt txid - G7 - pseudo filtered default changed to enabled
2023.04.11 Don’t start G6 (Dex1) before connection - Lispro
2023.04.10 Medtrum prediction - power efficiency
2023.04.08 Linear ascending volume - selective wake workaround
2023.04.07 CareLink pump status
2023.03.28 QR confirmation - Watchdrip iob
2023.03.23 No more old logs - Wake workarounds for all brands
2023.03.15 keks
2023.03.06 Vertical (y) axis range
2023.02.26 OOP2 on wear app
2023.02.23 Samsung workaround renamed to wake workaround
2023.02.20 ns-sdk - test receiver
2023.02.15 iob in keystore - Libre 1-minute test
2023.02.11 Sensor expiry notification - 400mg/dL max
2023.02.08 OnePlus Android workaround
2023.02.07 Xiaomi Android workaround
2023.02.06 Wake screen - Use camera light
2023.02.02 Libre US 14-day sensor SN ends with E6
2023.02.01 Refactor Services to services
2023.01.28 Kotlin (for developers)
2023.01.27 Tidepool new authentication (developer test)
2023.01.26 Tidepool new authentication (developer test)
2023.01.18 Database connections closure before import
2023.01.17 Companion app mode fix
2023.01.12 Dexcom One (C*****)
2022.12.24 Google play service not being installed will not crash any more.
2022.12.09 Resolve intermittent IoB display
2022.12.05 minimedmobile
2022.11.27 BT pairing, WiFi sleep, Google Health connect
2022.11.16 Previous Stable release
Aidex fix
2022.11.15 Quiet Engineering mode notification
2022.11.08 Companion backfill - Medtronic Guardian Connect
2022.11.05 Companion backfill & History fix
2022.11.04 Companion App backfill fix
2022.11.03 Collector title updates
2022.11.02 CareLink
2022.11.01 Aidex support
2022.10.31 Max snooze time increased from 10 hours to 12 hours.
2022.10.25 Android 4 not supported any longer
2022.10.15 Companion App backfill - Bluetooth Settings −> Companion Bluetooth
2022.10.05 Can scan with NFC as well when using Libre 2 patched app
2022.09.21 Dex G6 transmitter end of life warning
2022.09.08 Backup to Google Drive
2022.09.06 Unsmoothed graph view does no longer need engineering mode.
2022.09.02 Companion hardware data source upper limit raised to 405 mg/dL.
2022.09.01 Custom sound selection fix for alerts
2022.08.31 Libre trend graph now uses absolute values
2022.08.25 Companion data source handling of too low and too high readings from CamAPS
2022.08.24 Reminders custom sound file fix
2022.08.20 Watchdrip graph fix
2022.08.19 Audio loop, de-duplication, half background check
2022.08.18 Graph improvements
2022.08.03 Previous Stable release
NFC reading age and other cleanup
2022.08.02 Show unsmoothed data option “Debug smoothing”
2022.08.01 Graph Smoothing
2022.07.26 One per minute max reading rate for wear
2022.07.23 Sensor expiry shown by default
2022.07.21 One per minute max reading rate
2022.07.14 Main screen glucose text color can be changed.
2022.07.13 OB1 special pairing workaround
2022.07.11 Mi Band integration
2022.07.06 “Internal Storage” toast message instead of “SD”
2022.07.05 Range is now shown on the first statistics page.
2022.07.01 Engineering mode reminder
2022.06.28 Two decimal places for insulin
2022.06.20b G6 non-native update
2022.06.13 Web Follower
2022.06.12 Ask user to update OOP2 to 1.2 - No AAPS profile import pop-up
2022.06.09 Improved Dexcom collector connectivity, Android 12 workaround - System status Transmitter Days highlights end of life
2022.06.02 New “Companion” Hardware Data Source - Can read from CamAPS
2022.06.01 Advanced calibration “Use Treatment BG values” will be ignored when automatic calibration is enabled. Set only Alert once
2022.05.19 Previous Stable release
G6 non-native mods
2022.05.12 Version name as the system status subtitle
2022.05.11 Allow time period locking when Time buttons hidden
2022.05.06 Treatment menu blood glucose entry will not be used for calibration unless chosen.
2022.05.04 Glucomen
2022.05.03 b Accept G6 session start type 6
2022.04.30 Enable/disable option for the sound of inter-app import
2022.04.27 Libre pro support
2022.04.25 Dexcom dynamic warm-up time
2022.04.20 Control other apps’ sound during an xDrip alert
2022.04.12 Media player release
2022.04.05 BlueJay allows engineering slot number
2022.02.15 Full Android watch is not detected as Wear OS anymore. G6 battery voltage logs kept for 7 days. xDrip can use either G6 slot.
2022.02.09 Dexcom share user ID format (email address, special characters, …) incompatibilities addressed
2022.01.31 Previous Stable release
2022.01.14 G6 and AAPS conflicts resolved
2021.12.02 Dex share delta format change fix
2021.12.01 Ascending volume profile delay control
2021.11.22 libretrendutilfix
2021.11.17 Numberwall background image survives restarts
2021.11.16 Readings marked as bad, in the data table, appear in a distinct color in the main graph
2021.11.06 Can upload Dex transmitter battery level to Nightscout - No references to SD card
2021.10.17 Libre 2 all house and oop2 improvements
2021.10.13 Don’t ask to enable oop if libreoop2 is found
2021.10.04 Previous Stable release
Atom is supported now
2021.08.04 Firefly G6 will now have “Add calibration” instead of initial calibration in the main menu
2021.07.31 Sensor start and stop flags are shown on the main screen
2021.07.17 Rewrite history is disabled by default
2021.07.10 G6 Temperature is shown on the system status page again
2021.06.19 Nightscout user ID and password are not shown in the logs anymore
2021.05.21 xDrip sync follower cannot stop sensor on the master unless “Accept follower actions” is enabled. Unfortunately, it is enabled by default. So, make sure to disable if not intended.
2021.05.10 Speak readings twice does not say dot dot dot anymore; Restore (not import) database
2021.05.05 Preemptive restart will not be applied if transmitter is not capable
2021.03.30 G6 firmware was added
2021.03.08 Previous Stable release
G5 firmware was added
2021.02.17 G5 firmware was added
2020.11.27 G6 Frequent pair request resolved - “When did you insert sensor” was removed for Dexcom native mode
2018.08.18 Hard reset does not require engineering mode any longer