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What can I do to avoid database corruption?

What is Noise?

What is Nightscout?

What is Engineering mode?

Ⓟ Encircled P in front of the reading

What is Calibration and when should I calibrate?


Why my alert makes no sound?

Why is xDrip not in Google Play Store?

Why is location service required?

Why do I get a notification for each reading?

Why nothing happens when I check for updates?

Why is there no way to stop a G7?

Why do I get xDrip imported AAPS profile pop-up?

Why do I get Treatment Reminders?

Unsafe app blocked

Why a compressed graph


Where are the Logs?

Where are the settings

Which xDrip version do I have?

Where is Auto configure?


To receive an alert if I have no readings

How to follow

Show when the sensor expires

To remove an xDrip sync follower

Can I create a simple report for my doctor

Show readings on a screen all the time

How to delete a reminder

How can I stop xDrip without uninstalling it?

How to delete a treatment

Can I snooze alert without unlocking the phone?

Should I enable Android auto update?

How can I ask a question or make a suggestion?


What’s the easiest way to snooze?

Why is the alert so loud or so quiet?

Turn a light on for an alert

Missed Reading Alert not repeating


Sensor failed start

How to trigger a pair request

How to Start a G6

What is Native algorithm - mode?

Can I calibrate G6?

Why did G6 do that?

Dexcom Intermittent connectivity