xDrip Troubleshooting

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If you are experiencing problems using xDrip, some possible issues, and suggested solutions, are listed on this page.

xDrip does not install

Alert is silent

New G6 or Dexcom One transmitter does not connect

Dexcom transmitter does not connect

Dexcom transmitter keeps disconnecting

Android update & disconnects

Why do I get xDrip imported AAPS profile pop-up?

Bluetooth headphone interruption

Alert re-raise malfunction

xDrip sync not working

xDrip causes apps to restart

Number wall on lock screen does not disable

Google Play Services is not installed

Treatment reminders?

Disable engineering mode if it is enabled.

You can see existing open issues here.

If the problem you experience is not listed, please don’t open a new issue. Instead, please reach out to experienced users and developers by opening a discussion.