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Thanks to JamOrHam, the current xDrip lead developer, for the idea, putting it together, implementing the installer, testing everything, and providing instructions.

Thanks to tzachi-dar, senior xDrip developer, for ideas, development of critical code, and for providing support.


You will need a credit card to set up billing. It will cost $0.03 per month or less. In Australia and China, it will cost more.

We provide information about Google Cloud Nightscout here. There are other options. It is only you who can decide if this is the right option for you or not. Your objective should be to choose the best option for controlling your, or your loved one’s, diabetes under the supervision of a medical professional. And you should not accept pressure from anyone who may want to convince you to use their product. We have no financial incentive tied to the use of this software.

To complete installation, you will need to go through the first 5 items on the list below. You will need to use menus. This explains what to expect when using the menus. If you have followers, you will also need to complete item 6 after.
It will take a while (about 90 minutes) to complete the entire setup. But, you can interrupt after each section and continue later.
The rest of the items you see on this page are optional items on the menu or issues you may run into and how to address them.
Video clips are included to help with setup. They have no sound. To enlarge, click on the square symbol on the right side of the speaker symbol at the bottom of the video frame.

         Installation (15.0.2)

1- FreeDNS sign up

2- Google Cloud project

3- Virtual Machine

4- Linux/Nightscout install

5- Setting up Nightscout

6- Setting up followers




Status page


Nightscout variables

Customize Nightscout (Advanced)

Update platform (not Nightscout itself)

Copy Database

Copy Heroku variables

         How to

Use menus


Access Compute Engine

Access Billing

Log into FreeDNS

Switch branches


Stop virtual machine

Delete virtual machine

Access from a Mobile

Update Nightscout

Install Nightscout dev branch

Create a cost table

Import MongoDB from Atlas



Heroku variables

Release notes


Snapshots (Advanced)

         Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the hostname?

What is the cost?

Will this be free?

Will this work in Australia or China?

Why have I been charged?

How to respond to existing certificate?

What is Storage PD Snapshot?

What is Storage PD Capacity?

Can I have multiple accounts?

What is my hostname?

What is my API_SECRET?

What is my FreeDNS user ID?

Where to ask for help?

Why is AUTH_DEFAULT_ROLES set to denied?

Why am I asked for an email address?

Deprecation Warning


Unexpected error - Too many requests of a given type

Google Cloud Nightscout stopped working

Status page markers

Connection Failed

Connection via Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy Failed

Blocked at work or in school

You have an existing certificate that …

Dormant FreeDNS account

Edit variables using a browser does not work!

502 Bad Gateway

Free Trial has ended!

Malfunctioning applications

Development branch of Nightscout fails

IP address change

Cannot connect - full disk

FreeDNS IP mismatch & failed certificate

10GB disk size (advanced)