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Request for Help

If you need help installing or using Google Cloud Nightscout, please refer to the troubleshooting and frequently asked questions sections on this page. If you still need help after, post in discussions.
include the following in the first post.

Include a short description of what is wrong.

Please don’t open an issue.
Please allow us to manage the issues.

What you shouldn’t include

Your hostname or API_SECRET, your full name, address, phone number, or email address. We don’t need any of those in order to help you.


To reach out to developers, post in the discussions.
Please post your suggestions. But, please be patient.


If you find an item in the documentation that is not explained clearly, or if you like a subject to be added, or if you have found errors, please post in discussions. Please include in your post a link to the document to clarify which page you are referring to.