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The development and stable branches are explained here.

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2023.09.08 Stable release
API_SECRET character verification
2023.07.22 FreeDNS ID/pass status page marker fix  
2023.07.21 FreeDNS user ID and password fix
2023.07.17 FreeDNS user ID and password on the status page  
2023.05.09 Update Ubuntu to 20.04.6  
2023.04.26 FreeDNS site failure contingency  
Single quote variables
2023.02.28 Backup variables also  
2023.02.20 FreeDNS dialog update  
2023.02.15 Log copy Nightscout
2023.02.11 Detect incomplete update  
2023.01.30 Development branch setup  
2023.01.25 Minimal Ubuntu detection fix  
2023.01.21 Minimal Ubuntu enforced  
2023.01.16 Submenus
2023.01.07 Variable server improvements  
2022.12.10 Copy Nightscout improvements
FreeDNS capital letters are rejected.
Database size set to 20GB
Utility logs
2022.12.02 Install heavily dependent on bootstrap now
2022.11.27 FreeDNS name with capital letters  
2022.11.21 Installation improvements  
2022.11.19 Nightscout 14.2.6 - Verify VM region as well
2022.11.11 Verify virtual machine
2022.11.08 Variable edit in a browser  
2022.11.06 FreeDNS menus  
2022.10.28 Filter out MongoDB parameters in copy  
2022.10.27 First main menu
2022.10.14 Customize Nightscout option None
2022.10.13 Mongo admin - FreeDNS option None
2022.09.28 nginx tweaks None
2022.09.26 Automatic reboot after install None
2022.09.23 Nightscout Clone improvements None
2022.09.20 Nightscout Clone understands tokens None
2022.09.19 2GB swap None
2022.09.14 Nightscout Clone option None
2022.08.30 First release None